Wellington Design Library is an interior design haven home to more than 500 of the world’s most prestigious design and textile brands.

Since 1997, WDL has operated as an independent reference library attracting designers, architects, retailers and tastemakers seeking inspiration and products for all kinds of creative projects.

With large ranges of lush textiles, fabrics and furniture, the WDL is a hugely valuable resource to industry people and those with an interest in all things creative.  With its ever-evolving design direction the WDL always offers the latest international releases from each season, new furniture, fabrics, wall coverings and trimmings.

Located in a sumptuously decorated character warehouse just off Marion Street in Wellington City, WDL provides gallery display sections that offer the best brands, service and representation for the design companies and textiles suppliers to promote their products and evolve their lines.

Meet The


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Rachel Barker, Stephanie Bruce & Craig Hockly

At WDL we understand the expenditure involved in establishing and maintaining a company presence, and believe that through our services, networks and facilities we can offer you the best vehicle to raise your company profile.

Stephanie Bruce

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